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2 days ago

Cryptid Films, LLC

Check out the latest press coverage about "The Kiamichi Project"!!!!


Tallest of the tall actors join forces of evil in new Cryptid Films production "The Kiamichi Project"

TULSA, Okla. – When the average height is over 7 feet tall, you might think the five men gathered together are ready for a round of hoops.

You’d be 20 percent right as one of the five actors who has joined Cryptid Film’s The Kiamichi Project is a former basketball player. But this group is much more nefarious.

Actors John DeSantis, 6-foot, 11-inches; Nathan Jones, 6-foot, 11-inches; John Lebar, 7-foot, 3-inches; Daniel Gilchrist, 7-foot, 7-inches; and Paul Sturgess, 7-foot, 7-inches; will play featured roles in the action-horror film set in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma.

“I have worked with tall guys before, but one or two at a time,” says Jones, an Australian native. “But not more than that like this film will have. Single-handedly, I am a force to be reckoned with. But, collectively, we are unstoppable!”

Gilchrist, who at 7'7” is one of the two tallest along with Sturgess, says he will finally get to look his fellow actors in the eye.

“I am eager to finally work with actors whom I can interact with without straining my neck downwards,” he says, laughing. “But seriously, I do look forward to working with everyone and being able to trade stories and perhaps share life hacks to help live life a little bit easier on our bodies.”

DeSantis, Jones, Lebar and Gilchrist all have played multiple roles unique to their physical attributes, while Sturgess is newer to the film industry and known for his former career in professional basketball.

“It is great to have some fellow ’tallies’ to be working alongside,” Sturgess said. “I’m looking forward to meeting and working alongside these guys, and I’m sure we are going to have lots of fun along the way.”

It will be a unique experience for DeSantis, who at 6’11” will actually be one of the two shorter members of the quintet.

“I am either the biggest or the tallest actor on any production I have been on, usually both. This will be the first time that I am neither so it should be a rather novel experience for me,” he said. “Looking forward to it.”

Rod High, CEO of Tulsa-based Cryptid Films, anticipates the five towering actors captivating audiences in their villainous roles.

“As each of them came onboard, I just got more and more excited about what they each will bring to this project,” High said. “Their talent and height will make this creature feature unique in that very few films have cast this many exceptionally tall actors together.”

Lebar, well known for his role as the Ghost Engineer in Ridley Scott’s 2012 sci-fi Prometheus, said it is also very unusual for him to be one of the “shorter” actors on set.

“Tall men only usually congregate for auditions or basketball games, so it will be exciting and scary to interact with some of these legendary tallies, and perhaps have a tall-off,” he said.

The Kiamichi Project is in development by Cryptid Films with plans to film on location in the Kiamichi Mountains in Oklahoma, an area well-stocked in legends about Sasquatch. The movie follows the story of a young woman bent on avenging her sister’s death years after she was killed right before young Scout’s eyes. A series of brutal massacres leads Scout on a bloody trail of vengeance where she discovers a conspiracy that will chill audiences in their seats.
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2 weeks ago

Cryptid Films, LLC

Friend or Foe? Ally or Enemy in...

"The Kiamichi Project?"

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