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The Kiamichi Project Movie Coming Soon
Cryptid Films mixes the genres of action, horror, and fantasy into a gripping tale of revenge in this movie set among the Kiamichi Mountains in Oklahoma. The 10,000-acre Kiamichi Wilderness lies below Big Mountain in Pushmataha County and will be the setting for the film. The Kiamichi Project merges science, thrills, legends and the undeniable ambiance of the mystical region.

After losing her sister in a brutal attack as a teenager, Scout Rourke agrees to lead a team in the capture of a war machine that may or may not be linked to a legendary creature. In Scout’s heart, she is convinced she is hunting the same massive monster that shredded her sister before Rourke’s horrified eyes decades before.

An unidentified killer has been leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Leading the mercenary team in the hunt for the creature gives Scout the perfect opportunity for the vengeance she vowed after her sister’s death.

Scout’s military toughness combined with her doctorate in cryptozoology – the study of and search for animals that fall outside of contemporary zoological categories – means she has both the brawn and the brains to get the job done and exact revenge!

But, it turns out that the war machine is actually a Killer Sasquatch under the control of a U.S. special weapons program. The hunters quickly become the hunted in this epic military twist on the Big Foot myth.

Nathan Jones

Australian actor Nathan Jones joins the cast of High Entertainment’s the Kiamichi Project, an action-packed, suspense film set in the mountains of Oklahoma where legendary Sasquatch roam. Jones, known for his towering height of 6 foot, 11 inches, will star as a tall, hairy creature suspected as the killer leaving bodies in its wake.

Learn more about Jones here.

John DeSantis

Canadian actor John DeSantis, known for his turn in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World with Russell Crowe, and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, joins the cast of High Entertainment’s, The Kiamichi Project.

The movie is set to be filmed in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma by High Entertainment subsidiary, Cryptid Films, and will feature DeSantis in a villainous role.

To learn more about the 6-foot 9 actor, visit here.

Daniel Gilchrist

Daniel Gilchrist, one of the tallest actors in the business at 7 foot 7, has signed on to play a villain in High Entertainment’s upcoming movie, The Kiamichi Project. Gilchrist is known for his role as The Enuattii in 2017’s The Beast of the Water, and as Demby, in Chained for Life.

The Kiamichi Project is in development by High Entertainment’s Oklahoma subsidiary, Cryptid Films. Learn more about the actor here.

RIck Prince

Rick Prince

Rick Prince directs and produces High Entertainment’s The Kiamichi Project. A jack of all trades in movie production, he has experience with special effects makeup, writing, producing and directing. He gained international recognition from Syfy Network’s makeup effects competition show Face Off. Prince wrote, produced and directed his first feature film, Lwa: All Saints Eve, and went on to work as an animatronic puppeteer and executive producer on horror comedy film PuppetMaster: the Littlest Reich. He returns to his partnership with Rashaad Santiago, who worked with Prince previously on Beast of the Water. Learn more about Prince here.

Daniel Norris

Daniel Norris is an actor and stuntman known for Black Panther, Logan and Captain America: Civil War. You can learn more about Norris here.

Santiago Cirilo

Santiago Cirilo is an actor and producer known for his work on titles such as Beast of the Water, Nashville and The Walking Dead. You can learn more about Cirilo here.

Rob Vardaro

Rob Vardaro is an actor and producer known for his work on titles such as Hollywood Werewolf, Alien Vampire Busters and Solitude. You can learn more about Vardaro here.

James Whitecloud

James Whitecloud is an actor and sound department crew member known for titles such as Birdie, Ida Red and Red Hand. You can learn more about Whitecloud here.

Greg Batterson

Greg Batterson, known by his stage name as Gregory Allen Tiberius, is an actor known for titles such as Reagan, American Underdog and The Nature of Romance. You can learn more about Tiberius here.

Timo Standing Buffalo Cano

Timo Standing Buffalo Cano is an actor known for Beast of the Water. You can learn more about Cano here.

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